My week that was

Well as i metioned in my previous post i have started writing down what i have been eating in a journal.I purchased it from a store called Made On Earth which is shop that specialises in gifts.
Its what they call a Sari journal and its a lovely gold colour with recycled paper :)

Now we have friends that arrived back from china last night.
When they first said they were going i asked them to get me a Louis Vuitton Bag as they were cheaper to purchase there than in Australia.
Just before they left the dollar crashed hard core and with the exchange rate it was easier for me to purchase a bag here.
So we left it at that....or so it seemed
They came over last night to give us our presents.
I was given a black bag with a black dust bag.when i opened it this is what i found.......OMG its a louis vuitton handbag........................
Now our friend isnt really a girly girl and as i had not shown her a picture of what i liked she went into the shop and purchased this.....its called a Trouville which is the everyday version of thier cosmetics to say im excited is an understatement.......but i can tell you now this is chrissy and birthay presents for a while to come LOL.

Well thats it for now as nothing exciting has happened at all this past week.
I have facials in Burwood this week then i will be doing them in Chatswood (hopefully) and Bondi for december and thats it until early 2009

Im writing

EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth in a journal......i need to start keeping track of what im eating and how much exercise im doing

Its such a pretty book with recycled paper...i dont have tome tonight but i will update in the next few days with pictures of it for you all and also with how im going with everything

Until Then cya :)

So Busy

Work has been so busy these last few weeks i haven't even had time to think about what i have been eating.

I'm finding now with the warmer weather starting that I'm retaining a lot of fluid which makes me feel awful,so much so that i feel sick after eating from being so bloated eve if i eat only a small amount.

So its time to up the water intake which i think the first litre of the day Will be warm water with lemon juice to kick start the day and see how that goes after a week or so.

Only a short update as i have been up since 5am and at work at 6:30 unpacking boxes after our counter relocated...which will have to be packed up and moved again in a week or so to the permanent location after the renovations.

Train to Kuranda
Rivertrain on the daintree river

ok so its been over a month since i said that i would update hahaha im so bad!!!!!

All right so where do i start.........

I havent been weighing in at all lately which i actually think works better for me..i dont feel so much pressure to see smaller numbers every weigh-in.
My clothes are feeling loose so i guess this no weigh-in must be working :)

So what happened in September?

Rob and i went to cairns for a friend wedding.It was the firs time we had both been there and we had such a fantastic time. we hope we can go back again for another visit.We also met a couple from the Torana Forums that we now consider good friends so we will always have a place to stay.

Day 1.
We arrived early in the morning and it was raining.We had left sunny but freezing Sydney so all i could think of when looking out the window of the plane as we were landing was "GREAT more cold weather" ummmmm how wrong was i hahaha.....i forgot that cairns is tropical and when we stepped onto the tarmac it was sooooooooooo warm and even the rain was to.
We had friends that left and hour before us from sydney so we found them and our bags and went to collect the car. We plugged in our GPS thinking like most airports in AUS we would have a bit of a drive to get into the city.We were very wrong hehe it was literally a 5 mins trip and we were there. Our friends were staying a hotel close to us so we took them there first and then checked into ours. We found a fantastic place for lunch...a steak place and it was great.
Later that night we met up with the bridal party for some drinks and then went back to the hotel for an early night as we were dong a full reef tour the next day.

Day 2.
We woke up quite early 6:30am got ourselves ready then went off to the jetty to jump on a boat for our trip out to the reef.It was an overcast day with some winds and they warned us that it may get rough and to take something...either ginger tablets or travelcalm. We went the ginger route as Rob wasnt sure if he got seasick...Well he does as w found out about 45 mins intgo the trip.Over half the boat were out the back vomiting and Rob all of a sudden turned white so we sent him out with a spewbag and they gave him some crushed ice and he felt a bit better.
We got to our first reef site got our wetsuits and snorkles on and went in the water.
I have a fear of things being over/on my face so when i put my head under the water panick set in and i thought i was going to stop breathing. After some slow breathing i was fine and ready to put my head under again and after that i was fine.
The Reef wasnt as colourfull as i thought it was quite brown but there were some colourful corals in some areas.I dont think the sun being behind the clouds helped with the colours either.
After about an hour we were onto our next reef destination.We had lunch at this stage so rob was cautious on eating to much and i think he was glad he didnt as when we got into the water again he started to feel sick so he got out and took it easy.
Our third destination saw the sun come out for a bit and it made the water a crystal blue was absolutely beautiful.I actually got a bit burnt on the back of my legs and arms where they were out of the water.
20 mins before we were to head off back to cairns we all took travelcalm to be on the safe side :) The trip back was calm and we sat outside ont he top of the boat.
When we got back to cairns we went back to the hotel had a quick shower and went to dinner with our friends.

Day 3.
This was the day of our friends wedding.Myself Rob Petina and Peter went to the local shopping centre as Rob wanted a haircut and i wanted a mnaicure and pedicure and i also needed to purchase a new pair of shoes for the day.
After we had finished we went back to the hotels to get ready.Rob and i ordered room service which wasnt to bad then after getting ready went to the casino where the wedding was being held.
It was a lovely ceremony and the reception was great.
We ended up leaving around 10:30pm as we were getting up early for a drive up to Cape Tribulation.

Day 4.
We left Cairns around 8am after breakfast.Our first stop on the trip was Mossman Gorge...What a beautiful place.We did a walk to different areas and it was so quiet accept the birds and the waterfall.
Next stop was the Daintree River where we jumped on the river train and did a tour of the river along the mangroves.The tour guide was great and we even managed to spot a few small crocs and he even spotted crocs that were barely visible they were so small.
Once we got off the boat we went across the river on the car ferry and made our way to Cape Trib.
Once we got there we had a quick stop at a beach then made our way back to cairns.
We met up with some friends off the GMH-Torana forums for dinner and it was great to have a chat and to see thier collection of Aussie Torana History.

Day 5.
We met up with the Bride and Groom and some of thier family and we took the scenic train up to Kuranda. The trip was almost 2 hours but the scenery was beautiful.Kuranda is a small town and they have lots of gift places and markets aswell as a Butterfly Sanctuary.Our First stop was the pub hahah as friends we were with went ahead of us and we knew exactly where they would be.
We stayed up there for a couple of hours and made our way to the Sky Rail to head back to town.
The skyrail was fantastic as you are above the canopy of the rainforest.It was about an hour back and you can stop at a few places to have a look around and also have a look at some viewing platforms of waterfalls.
Once again we met up with our friends from the night before for dinner and had a great feed of seafood.
Then it was time to say goodbye.But now we have some great friends and a place to stay if we ever want to go back up there for another getaway.

Day 6. We left cairns :( and back to work heheh

So that was pretty much the only exciting thing that happened in September.The rest has been filled with work work and more work.


Well we arent to far into october but it has seen a few changes, not big ones but changes that are good for us.

The biggest change once again is diet :) we are trying to be good and keep the amount of take-away to a minimum. Ive pulled out recipes that i want to try and i will do them all :)

My first one while not really healthy was Pastizio and it turned out lovely and so yummy.

Tonight is poached fish in coconut and chilli.

Ok so thats all for my update and i promise to update all the time now hehe.


will be comming tomorrow :)


I have gotten this cold that Rob has had for the past 2 weeks....its so irritating...a dry cough during the day and a chesty cough in the to say that my throat is sore is an understatement.

I had a busy few days at the end of the week with facials and next week is 6 im glad that i have done nothing for the past 2 days..its been nice..sort of

Rob has hurt his foot and its getting a bit worrying as there is no explination as to why his foot has been so sore and why when he stands it immediately goes red and inflammed.

He had a blood test on Friday morning to test for everything....Hes now getting worried that its a blood clot as a friend had the same thing happen but in his tomorrow hes off to get it looked at further.

I will kep you updated.

Busy at Work

Had a pretty busy day today.....we are leaving one of the stores we are in so i spent the day cleaning out the reserve and packing up anything that belongs to the company

I think i had good exercise today taking everything out of the reserve and packing it into boxes...i think i walked a million miles.

had a good day on CS and for dinner we had standing roast (beef) with a pumpkin and pine nut salad with pesto feta...yummo

The Weekend

Well today i had a day off from CS which was fine and im thinking now i should have taken a shake with me on the muscle car cruise as there was such a line up for food we didnt bother eating.

Yesterday (saturday) i had a day off so i didnt do much..just some washing that needed to be done and relaxed :)
Rob was out at his mechanics getting an oil change on the monaro for the Muscle Car Cruise today so it was a great opportunity for me to do nothing and relax.

This morning was a reasonable early start for a sunday.
We left home at 8:30am to make our way to Eastern Creek for the meeting point for the car cruise.We decided to have a Mini Meet near the dragway with some people from forum people.
Once everyone was there we made our way to sign in.
When we got there the place was many muscle cars in one place.

At around 11am it was time to get in our cars and head off.....after an hour we were still out of our cars as there was still a line of traffic to get out.
Once we were on the road it was ok.We all met at the Regatta Centre in Penrith as its really the only place that can handle the amount of cars that were there today

1200!!!! cars they are quoting..and i wouldnt doubt that number thats for sure.

Celebrity Slim

Ive started it...after agonising over what way i could go to help speed up my weight loss without having to count calories to much etc.

Ive been doing it for 3 days now and so far so good.

What prompted me to start was how much i have ballooned over the past 3 and a bit months.I think is because we are married and not so stressed with things and are just to relaxed :)
We have had lots of dinners out with friend which i think has contributed to alot of my weight gain!

I cant believe that i have put on 10kilos since December last year..

So here is the lowdown

Start Weight 128.6kg
Goal Weight 75kg
Weight to Lose 53.6kg

Mini Goal 123.6kg

I will be updating every day unless i cant get to my computer

We Need A Change

Well we have decided that its time to try and prepare our own meals instead of getting Lite N Easy.
It is costing us about $800 a month between us and we think we might be able to do it a lot cheaper and just as healthy.
We now know what foods are good for us to eat and we can still follow the Lite N Easy daily food plan but just do it ourselves with our own food.

Well thats really all i needed to update.

We had my 88 year old grandmother here for a few days from Perth after she had stayed with her Army friend for a week on the Central Coast..
It was great to have her here and it was sad to say goodbye as im not sure when i will see her next....hopefully it wont be to long

Its been far to long :)

But im not going to start it on a happy note unfortunately..My little boy was put down last week..he was getting skinnier and skinnier and when i was in Mandurah for the wedding i was going to take him to the vet..But the last week we were there he was eating 3 tins of food a day so we thought he may have been sick and was getting better.
Last week was the end for him :( he stopped eating and became very very skinny,mum and dad took him to the vet and they found a large mass in his stomach which the vet put down to cancer as it had not been there a few months before

RIP little Ocsar boy (he was 12)

The other cat Felix ran away a few months ago he was 15 and we think he may have gone off to die as he never wandered very far.

The 2 boys together

OK now on to happier things :)

On Monday the 21st April is was Robs birthday..he had to work that night for a few hours so i made him a nice dinner the saturday before.

Yarra Valley Persian Fetta
Rosemary/chilli Olives
Sundried tomatos

Slow cooked lamb shanks with a creamy garlic mash

Chocolate Mud Cake mmm yummo

Tuesday saw a massive knock on the door at 7:15am..i thought it was someone delivering some post and i didnt get out of bed intime for it..What felt like ages after my phone rang..IT was my sister and i freaked as it was only 5:30am in WA so i answered and she was standing at the front door :) Was a shock thats for sure.
She had come over on her R&R week and surprised me for out second wedding/30th party

Wednesday night we went and saw Ross Noble at the ENmore...what a funny bloke we didnt stop laughing for 2 hours :)

Saturday was the day that we were getting dressed up for some pics around Sydney

a MASSIVE thank-you once again to Jason from Motosport Fotos for giving up his saturday to take photos for us

Here are just a few :)

The Spunkie Brothers

Robs Favorite Pic

Saturday night was Party night...we had abut 40 friends over to celebrate mainly Robs 30th but also our marriage
It was a good night and we had alot of fun

The Piniata Made by the next door neighbour


My attempt at making a cake haha

Rob holding the pole up

Me holding Rob up :)


OHHHER whats in here

YAY a hat

I hope you enjoy

Well ive been married for 3 weeks now :)

We spent the last week relaxing and one again catching up with people while we were still in WA

We had 4 nights in a Beach Chalet which was beautiful.

I hope you all dont get to bored reading through all of that

The Wedding

Well the night before the wedding i didnt go to bed really early around 11pm.I had a great nights sleep and woke up at around 7am got myself ready and then went to the hairdresser.
Everyone met up there and we had our hair done which only took about an hour and 15 mins for the 3 of us.
I had to get a few things from the shops before i went home so myself and my matron of honour went over and got what we needed then went back to mum and dads place.

The make-up artist arrived early so she got started on everyone.The photographer turned up around 1pm and started taking a few candid shots while we were getting ready.

Then about 1:15 it was time to get me into my was quite an effort and i had the 3 girls tying me into it :)
The bus turned up to pick family and some friends up and once they were gone it was time to go outside for the usual car shots and shots with dad and the girls.
2pm and it was time to head off
My Car

The trip out was about 1/2 hour and i got a little burnt on the way,plus i was finding it hard to breath with the dress on as it was a full corset so no bending or breathing for me all night.
We arrived at the church and all i wanted to do was get out of the car but the photographer had other i was stuck in there for another 5 mins.
Getting out of the car was hard with a 3 tier hoop.
Im sure the boys were waiting patiently inside.
All dad wanted to do was get in there and hand me over.Sonny the minister greeted us at the door then proceeded to the end of the aisle and directed everyone to stand..then it was time for the girls to start walking down.
We followed behind them and laughed all the way down as dad was saying g`day to all his mates.
Then it was time for dad to give my hand to Rob...he didnt want to let go everyone had a great laugh and then he went and sat down
Sonny started the service and when he was doing his sermon we had a chance to sit down thank goodness as i was starting to get a little hot.

Before long it was time to exchange rings

Then that was it..all done :)

We walked back up the aisle as husband and wife and went outside for some photos and it gave people a chance to say thier congrats.I had a few friends come to the ceremony that i wasnt able to invite to the recpetion which was nice.

Everyone got back on the bus and went into town to the pub for some refreshments while we went and had pics done.
After a few hours it was time for us to go back to the Reception.We had some photos done there to

It was starting to get dark so we were introduced to everyone and the party began

Before long it was almost over.People had already started to leave and by Midnight we were the last ones left :)
Jadey and Jason stayed behind and we went back into town for a few more pics the it was time to go back to the Hotel

You know what happens now :)

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