3 weeks to go!!!

Where has the time gone?

SO much has been happening lately time has gotten away from me...

Work has been non stop for the last 3 weeks with facials but its been great i have had a lot of customers who have all spent decent amounts of money so im happy i get a good comission this month :)

Well as for the diet i really have not been very good but im not stressing to much as i dont feel like i have put much on.

I picked up my dress on Wednesday and its all finshed :) so happy and excited... here are a few pics

The pics arent bright but you get the idea anyways :) in 3 weeks you can see the Professional pic...

Hopefully on wednesday the jeweller will come around to bring the rings and the bridesmaids jewellery which i cant wait to see how they turned out.

Mum has been getting together all the little things for me which has been a great help and it means we have more time to spend together and relax before the big day..I will have to get her something nice but im not sure what yet..maybe her jewellery i think i will have to see whats around.

Ok well my head is full of so many things i dont know what else to say so i will leave it at that for now..

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