Well the laptop is still dead...VERY dead but my wonderful husband was able to get some thing and attach it to the Hard Drive on the dead laptop and extract all of my files...YAY!!!!

Ok so the WAS 12 week challenge is over...i think i did pretty well (cant say that about now tho)
I lost a total od 5.1kgs and 9cms off my waist.

here are the before and after shots....

Its funny....there is a difference but i actually didnt see one at all...not until a few people made lovely comments on the forum.

So thank-you to those lovely ladies who made me see what i wasnt in the beginning...

So March saw us head off to melbourne for a few days.We actually only planned to head down to see the Avalon Air Show but somehow the 5 days we were there were filled with quite a few things.
We drove down which was a nice relaxing drive....coming into melbournes outskirts we were able to see the devistation caused by the Black Saturday Bushfires...and that was only on the freeway..we cant even begin to imagine what it was like further in.
Thursday we picked up a Perth friend from Hoppers Crossing who was going to spend the rest of the time with us and come back to Sydney and then be on his way to USA.
Friday we drove down to Phillip Island to see the historic racers as we knew a few people racing that day.It was also an opportunity for Rob to meet Larry who is a member of the GMH-Torana forums.They have been speaking to each other via phone for about 12 months now after one of the forum members passed away and Larry is the executor of the will..Rob and Larry were in contact as the member who passed away was in the process of building a very rare racecar.Larry wanted to keep rob informed of what was happening (Rob is forum owner) and they became great mates.The racing was awesome and chatting to Larry and seeing the racecar finished was great.

Saturday we headed off early to the Avalon Airshow...they had oredicted rain but when we left the sun was rising and it looked like it was going to be an awesome day...HOW WRONG WERE WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG what absolute shit weather...we were on the fence along the runway and on the horizon there was a cloud formation that looked like it was coming from the ground like a fire.The announcers kept saying that the radar was showing rain and it will delay the start of the airshow but it would pass quickly.NOT!!
We have never experienced anything like it....then again its not normal to sit in an open field watching and waiting for the weather to come.It hit us and it hit us HARD...the wind was so strong that we had to turn our backs to face away from it and the rain started coming in sideways and hard.Forget and umberella...we had ponchos but they tore due to the wind being so strong.After a few hours of this and being slightly damp the show started and we are glad we stayed..the place was a mudpit and i had to throw out my shoes but it was worth the wait..especially for rob who wanted to see the B1B Lancer bomber as it was going out of production.
OH and the sun was shining when we left haha

Sunday we had a meet up with the melbourne GMH-Torana crew aswell as ourselves and 2 other members from sydney and our friend who is a Perth member.
We met at hogsbreath and had a great lunch and it was good to catch up with some people we had not seen for a few years.

Monday we made the journey home with the addition of another friend from Sydney...so it was a far from boring trip.

My sister arrived a couple of days later as she came over to see the Kings Of Leon...So it was a great opportunity to have a get together with friends and cut the top tier of our wedding cake as we were celebrating our 1st Wedding anniversary!!

Speaking of weddings......CONGRATS to Jason and Jadey...i almost forgot :)
Im also part of the Bridal party which was a surprise and im very honoured!

So really not much else as happened.
I was offered a new job position which i acceted last week..Its similar to what im doing now but just more of a training and developing role.

a new 12 week challenge is just about to start again on WAS....i certainly need this one as after the last challenge i have put on 2kgs.

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