My week that was

Well as i metioned in my previous post i have started writing down what i have been eating in a journal.I purchased it from a store called Made On Earth which is shop that specialises in gifts.
Its what they call a Sari journal and its a lovely gold colour with recycled paper :)

Now we have friends that arrived back from china last night.
When they first said they were going i asked them to get me a Louis Vuitton Bag as they were cheaper to purchase there than in Australia.
Just before they left the dollar crashed hard core and with the exchange rate it was easier for me to purchase a bag here.
So we left it at that....or so it seemed
They came over last night to give us our presents.
I was given a black bag with a black dust bag.when i opened it this is what i found.......OMG its a louis vuitton handbag........................
Now our friend isnt really a girly girl and as i had not shown her a picture of what i liked she went into the shop and purchased this.....its called a Trouville which is the everyday version of thier cosmetics to say im excited is an understatement.......but i can tell you now this is chrissy and birthay presents for a while to come LOL.

Well thats it for now as nothing exciting has happened at all this past week.
I have facials in Burwood this week then i will be doing them in Chatswood (hopefully) and Bondi for december and thats it until early 2009

Im writing

EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth in a journal......i need to start keeping track of what im eating and how much exercise im doing

Its such a pretty book with recycled paper...i dont have tome tonight but i will update in the next few days with pictures of it for you all and also with how im going with everything

Until Then cya :)

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