I have gotten this cold that Rob has had for the past 2 weeks....its so irritating...a dry cough during the day and a chesty cough in the to say that my throat is sore is an understatement.

I had a busy few days at the end of the week with facials and next week is 6 im glad that i have done nothing for the past 2 days..its been nice..sort of

Rob has hurt his foot and its getting a bit worrying as there is no explination as to why his foot has been so sore and why when he stands it immediately goes red and inflammed.

He had a blood test on Friday morning to test for everything....Hes now getting worried that its a blood clot as a friend had the same thing happen but in his tomorrow hes off to get it looked at further.

I will kep you updated.

Busy at Work

Had a pretty busy day today.....we are leaving one of the stores we are in so i spent the day cleaning out the reserve and packing up anything that belongs to the company

I think i had good exercise today taking everything out of the reserve and packing it into boxes...i think i walked a million miles.

had a good day on CS and for dinner we had standing roast (beef) with a pumpkin and pine nut salad with pesto feta...yummo

The Weekend

Well today i had a day off from CS which was fine and im thinking now i should have taken a shake with me on the muscle car cruise as there was such a line up for food we didnt bother eating.

Yesterday (saturday) i had a day off so i didnt do much..just some washing that needed to be done and relaxed :)
Rob was out at his mechanics getting an oil change on the monaro for the Muscle Car Cruise today so it was a great opportunity for me to do nothing and relax.

This morning was a reasonable early start for a sunday.
We left home at 8:30am to make our way to Eastern Creek for the meeting point for the car cruise.We decided to have a Mini Meet near the dragway with some people from forum people.
Once everyone was there we made our way to sign in.
When we got there the place was many muscle cars in one place.

At around 11am it was time to get in our cars and head off.....after an hour we were still out of our cars as there was still a line of traffic to get out.
Once we were on the road it was ok.We all met at the Regatta Centre in Penrith as its really the only place that can handle the amount of cars that were there today

1200!!!! cars they are quoting..and i wouldnt doubt that number thats for sure.

Celebrity Slim

Ive started it...after agonising over what way i could go to help speed up my weight loss without having to count calories to much etc.

Ive been doing it for 3 days now and so far so good.

What prompted me to start was how much i have ballooned over the past 3 and a bit months.I think is because we are married and not so stressed with things and are just to relaxed :)
We have had lots of dinners out with friend which i think has contributed to alot of my weight gain!

I cant believe that i have put on 10kilos since December last year..

So here is the lowdown

Start Weight 128.6kg
Goal Weight 75kg
Weight to Lose 53.6kg

Mini Goal 123.6kg

I will be updating every day unless i cant get to my computer

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