Ok so an update.

I need to get some pics off the camera to show you some progress with the renos but for the life of me i cannot find it. :) the joys of packing and not knowing where everything is :)

Anyway not much has been happening other than packing and painting. The weighloss has not been so good but considering we have not been eating much at home due to time i cant really expect to much.

Work has been crazy and i have been working 6 day weeks so i am certainly looking forward to the October long weekend in a few weeks. Rob is going away so i will find some thing to keep mysself busy. I might even go to see a couple of movies that i have been wanting to watch but are a bit girly for robs liking :)

Im thinking i might go back on Tony Ferguson as it worked for me last time and i really need something to kick start my weightloss and keep me on track if i know i am going to be weighed by someone else.
And there seems to be alot more variety in whats available in the range...not just shakes like there was when i first went on it a few years ago.

We are going to be living down the road from a big park with walking tracks...there will be NO excuses as to why we cant do any exercise as we are 50m down the road from somewhere. Now with the weather warming up it will be great to be able to walk in the daylight after work.
Might even get the C25K back on my ipod...that will be one of my goals...to run 5kms again this summer!! i used to do it everyday until i was about 18 when drinking and boys became more important :)

Ive been slowly catching up with blogs i have not read in a long time and some new blogs i have discovered from new people on We Are Slimming so anyway the roast chicken is in the oven so i best be checking on it and preparing the sweet potato to go in the oven!

Well im doing another challenge!!!!!

This time its only 6 weeks which is great as the last few challenges i have given up about the 6 week mark.

So whats different this time?

Well we are in the process of moving into my husbands nans house as she has decided to go into a nursing home.So at the moment we are renovating and painting etc so we can move in.
Now she lives on the side of a hill and to get up to the house there are about 47 steps plus quite a long path thats on an incline,and once you are at the top of the stairs there is another path which leads up to the backdoor which is also on an incline.
So we are pretty much having forced exercise...we are going to have great bums and thighs :)

I dont have time tonight for a long post as we are still trying to get things organised in our house aswell and tonight we start on the back room which is going to be a challenge.

So i will give you all a big update on the goings on in my life over the past few months in the next few days

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