Well Happy Aussie Day to you all...

How aussie am i? i didnt even eat Lamb on the Barbie heheheh..

Had a dress fitting on Saturday morning..i have to have a bit of work done to the top of the dress which is ok as it is miles to big for me as i dont have a bust to fill the dress lol...unfortunately they didnt have a 3 tier hoops there that fit so they are going to order one in to my measurements so we can see if i need the hem taken up or weather it will make it full enough to lift it off the floor a bit
I dont know how i am going to go on the actual wedding day if its hot though.When i was standing there with it on i had sweat dripping down my legs might have to wrap myself in paper hehe and im not wearing stockings as i have open shoes.

Ive got another fitting on the 16th Feb which by the sounds of it..it might be my last one as its only a month until i go to Perth after that.

So after that was done Carissa (LITS) came over and we headed off to Bondi Junction for a spot of shopping then off to Bondi Beach.
We sat down there for a little while in the nice warm sun and proceeded to get a little red.Then we went across to Hogsbreath Cofe for some dinner which i must say was the best steak i have had in a while.
We drove back through the city so she could see the cross then we went over the habour bridge then back home where we proceeded to polish off 3 bottles of wine..This morning was a very lazy one i can tell you hahah.

Tomorrow we are off to a friends house for a BBQ and then its back to work.

I havnet weighted myself for a while now but im still plodding along.

Back to it

Well i still have this silly infection.I had to go back to the docs this morning as i had finished my anitobiotics and still felt really unwell...Ive now been given some different antibiotics as the doc thinks that the ones i had didnt help this type of infection.

So tomorrow im actually going to start going back to the gym otherwise im wasting my money paying for a membership that im not using.

We had a friend down from the gold coast on the weekend and had a great time.Unfortunately i had to work both days that she was here but we managed to spend the evenings together.

I have almost finished the preps for the wedding but the biggest thing at the moment is the Music for the ceremony.
There are so many songs i want to walk down the isle to but i just cant decide lol
I either want Ave Maria in the pavarotti or celine dion version...or Adagio for strings...i guess i just have to see which one will be easier to walk down to and that isnt to slow.

Im not stressing yet which is good but with everyone asking me how the plans are going im sure i will be stressed from trying to think of what else needs to be done.:)

OK well im home with the worst chest infection i have had for a while..but im on massive doses of anti biotics so i should be right in a few days.
Actually im quite suprosed how well i feel ive just got this aweful cough that is hurting me now.
Im also suffering Eczema on my feet apparently so ive got some cortisone cream to put on it...as much as cortisone isnt to good for your skin i will do anything to get rid of it as i stand on my feet all day.
Mum wants me to go get tested for Asthma as chest probs and eczema usually go together and with all of her sister having it and one passing away from it shes quite concerned..so once i have gotten rid of the infection i will try and find someone who specialises in respiratory problems.

Anyways on to more exciting things.

On sunday we were up at 3:50am..OMG we almost didnt make the Dawn cruise with the monaro club.Rob had set the alarm but actually forgot to turn it on as he had turned it off the night before as he didnt have to get up early for work.I dont know what it is but when you know you have to get up early you just know you should be awake at a certain time.
Needless to say we made it to the meeting point only 10 mins late which was fine.
We drove from Loftus Oval down the Princess Hwy and down towards Otford through the national park.We watched the sun come up..well actually we watched the sky change colour as there was cloud on the horizon.
At about 6:30am we headed off towards Bulli beach for breakfast.Once we had eaten breakfast a few people had to leave due to other commitments,so we hung around for a while with the others then at around 10am its suddenly got very hot.Now we drive a 1972 HQ Monaro and the thing doesnt have any aircon...only 4/60 aircon....4 windows down and 60 miles and hour :)
So we made the treck home and it was absolutely boiling so we retired to the bedroom and put the aircon on and watched some BBC documentaries.

I had monday off and really didnt do much,just the usual housework then rested as i was starting to get sick..so i went off to the docs and the rest you already know.

Ok now i will show a few pics of what i have for my wedding already.

My Shoes

My Dress
Bridesmaids Shoes
Bridesmaids hair

My Hair

I just received an email to see if im happy with my flowers....They have turned out better than what i thought.

They are silk and through Love Flowers

They arent the best quality due to all the rain in queensland has caused some condensation in their camera...doesnt matter you get the idea anyway :)

Ok dont worry there will be a much bigger post from me on Monday

For some reason even tho it is the quieter time of year at work i seem to be flat out...i think its been the travel to Castle Hill 2 days this week that has made it seem like i have been working 10 hour days everyday (i did 2, 10 hour days this week).

I think I'm coming down with the flu or something...my throat isn't sore when i swallow or anything but its irritated really deep down in the middle somewhere and a bit phlegmy. I need to go to the doctor on Monday anyway for a new pill script so i will get it looked at as well as a problem Ive had for a while with my feet....i sweat profusely on my feet and it gives me some type of fungal thing on my feet...they are like little blisters but itch like crazy...so i need to get that sorted as last time i was put on some type of anti biotic which helped and stopped it for quite a while but this time it keeps coming back.

OK for something that wasn't meant to be this long Ive rambled on a bit.

Ok its the 2nd of January 2008 and its my first post in my new blog.

Its not going to be a very long one as i still have a few things to add here and there. This year will promise much more blogging especially now that my wedding is coming up VERY fast!!

There will be alot that i will be able to tell you thats for sure as well as posting up alot of photos etc

So for now i will only leave you with this much until i get my butt into gear and organise myself.

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