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Well i still have this silly infection.I had to go back to the docs this morning as i had finished my anitobiotics and still felt really unwell...Ive now been given some different antibiotics as the doc thinks that the ones i had didnt help this type of infection.

So tomorrow im actually going to start going back to the gym otherwise im wasting my money paying for a membership that im not using.

We had a friend down from the gold coast on the weekend and had a great time.Unfortunately i had to work both days that she was here but we managed to spend the evenings together.

I have almost finished the preps for the wedding but the biggest thing at the moment is the Music for the ceremony.
There are so many songs i want to walk down the isle to but i just cant decide lol
I either want Ave Maria in the pavarotti or celine dion version...or Adagio for strings...i guess i just have to see which one will be easier to walk down to and that isnt to slow.

Im not stressing yet which is good but with everyone asking me how the plans are going im sure i will be stressed from trying to think of what else needs to be done.:)


Too damn funny. So how are the plans going?


January 22, 2008 at 10:51 PM  

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