Ok im almost ready

Ok dont worry there will be a much bigger post from me on Monday

For some reason even tho it is the quieter time of year at work i seem to be flat out...i think its been the travel to Castle Hill 2 days this week that has made it seem like i have been working 10 hour days everyday (i did 2, 10 hour days this week).

I think I'm coming down with the flu or something...my throat isn't sore when i swallow or anything but its irritated really deep down in the middle somewhere and a bit phlegmy. I need to go to the doctor on Monday anyway for a new pill script so i will get it looked at as well as a problem Ive had for a while with my feet....i sweat profusely on my feet and it gives me some type of fungal thing on my feet...they are like little blisters but itch like crazy...so i need to get that sorted as last time i was put on some type of anti biotic which helped and stopped it for quite a while but this time it keeps coming back.

OK for something that wasn't meant to be this long Ive rambled on a bit.


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