Some of my things so far

OK well im home with the worst chest infection i have had for a while..but im on massive doses of anti biotics so i should be right in a few days.
Actually im quite suprosed how well i feel ive just got this aweful cough that is hurting me now.
Im also suffering Eczema on my feet apparently so ive got some cortisone cream to put on much as cortisone isnt to good for your skin i will do anything to get rid of it as i stand on my feet all day.
Mum wants me to go get tested for Asthma as chest probs and eczema usually go together and with all of her sister having it and one passing away from it shes quite once i have gotten rid of the infection i will try and find someone who specialises in respiratory problems.

Anyways on to more exciting things.

On sunday we were up at 3:50am..OMG we almost didnt make the Dawn cruise with the monaro club.Rob had set the alarm but actually forgot to turn it on as he had turned it off the night before as he didnt have to get up early for work.I dont know what it is but when you know you have to get up early you just know you should be awake at a certain time.
Needless to say we made it to the meeting point only 10 mins late which was fine.
We drove from Loftus Oval down the Princess Hwy and down towards Otford through the national park.We watched the sun come up..well actually we watched the sky change colour as there was cloud on the horizon.
At about 6:30am we headed off towards Bulli beach for breakfast.Once we had eaten breakfast a few people had to leave due to other commitments,so we hung around for a while with the others then at around 10am its suddenly got very hot.Now we drive a 1972 HQ Monaro and the thing doesnt have any aircon...only 4/60 aircon....4 windows down and 60 miles and hour :)
So we made the treck home and it was absolutely boiling so we retired to the bedroom and put the aircon on and watched some BBC documentaries.

I had monday off and really didnt do much,just the usual housework then rested as i was starting to get i went off to the docs and the rest you already know.

Ok now i will show a few pics of what i have for my wedding already.

My Shoes

My Dress
Bridesmaids Shoes
Bridesmaids hair

My Hair


what awesome shoes! and your hair looks lovely! wow!!!! (u know i luv ur dress)
hubby had asthma when he was plagued with chest infections 2 years ago, he was given 2 different puffers, the doctor said it was 'seasonal asthma' he also was on antibiotics and even had chest x-rays. I hope those antibiotics clear up your chest infection! :D
i know what u mean about the getting up early, but the alarm isn't set or its about to go off..

January 17, 2008 at 9:25 AM  

Stunning! Just stunning

January 22, 2008 at 10:50 PM  

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