Well Happy Aussie Day to you all...

How aussie am i? i didnt even eat Lamb on the Barbie heheheh..

Had a dress fitting on Saturday morning..i have to have a bit of work done to the top of the dress which is ok as it is miles to big for me as i dont have a bust to fill the dress lol...unfortunately they didnt have a 3 tier hoops there that fit so they are going to order one in to my measurements so we can see if i need the hem taken up or weather it will make it full enough to lift it off the floor a bit
I dont know how i am going to go on the actual wedding day if its hot though.When i was standing there with it on i had sweat dripping down my legs might have to wrap myself in paper hehe and im not wearing stockings as i have open shoes.

Ive got another fitting on the 16th Feb which by the sounds of it..it might be my last one as its only a month until i go to Perth after that.

So after that was done Carissa (LITS) came over and we headed off to Bondi Junction for a spot of shopping then off to Bondi Beach.
We sat down there for a little while in the nice warm sun and proceeded to get a little red.Then we went across to Hogsbreath Cofe for some dinner which i must say was the best steak i have had in a while.
We drove back through the city so she could see the cross then we went over the habour bridge then back home where we proceeded to polish off 3 bottles of wine..This morning was a very lazy one i can tell you hahah.

Tomorrow we are off to a friends house for a BBQ and then its back to work.

I havnet weighted myself for a while now but im still plodding along.


aw thats awesome you went out with carissa! ;)
i had a dec wedding and yeah it was hot, lucky tho it was the afternoon and soon night so we did pretty ok with the heat. why are bridal dress shops so stuffy? lol.. sounds like your dress is keeping them busy, awesome! cant wait for the big day!

February 4, 2008 at 3:05 PM  

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