Week 1

Well we have been following the CSIRO wellbeing diet now for a week and i think this is something we can follow from now on.
We are meat eaters and with this we are able to have it everyday.
Rob also LOVES bread etc and we are allowed atleast 2 slices of bread everyday....so hes not missing it like he would be with a low carb eating plan.

The first few days we were a bit hungry but now its easy....tho i think i will add a few extra things into robs eating plan as there arent quite enough calories for him and in the afternoon he feels a bit hungry before dinner.

As far as excercise went it was pretty poor..I did manage to get on the Wii Fit once this week which was great as it was collecting dust.Walking we didnt achieve like we wanted.Long hours for both of us meant getting home to late > i know its not a good excuse but it sounds good to me hahaha
I must say tho i did park my car futher away so i did get about 20mins walking in everyday so atleast it was something.

So this week is going to be another great week


As a meat lover I found the CSIRO diet was brilliant but at the time we were struggling students so it was a bit pricey

January 19, 2009 at 9:24 PM  

I hope that you guys are still enjoying the CSIRO lifestyle because if it isn't a lifestyle change - it is so hard to maintain when you get to goal.
Take care and have a great day !

January 22, 2009 at 12:30 AM  

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