Australia Day

We didn't really celebrate anything for Aussie day this year...usually we have a BBQ with friends but decided to spend the day together and not do anything.
Our decision was mainly due to spending 2 days of the long weekend out for lunch on Saturday and then all afternoon at a friends house yesterday.
So relaxing was what we wanted to do.

So these past few weeks we have pretty much stuck to the eating plan with only a couple of days of eating away from the plan.At the BBQ yesterday it was BYO meat so we marinated some chicken in sweet chilli overnight and took that...was delish and the salads that we had with it while wernt diet friendly still satisfied.

The main thing we are not getting into is the exercise side of things...we KNOW we have to do it and we always talk about it but it never seems to happen.This week WILL be the week to kick start our exercise regime.

This eating plan is working for us and is easy to stick to so we will continue it no problems for the 12 weeks of the programme and see what happens after that.


Hope all is OK with you - haven't seen you around WAS much lately !!
Take care !

February 11, 2009 at 10:07 AM  

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