The week Before the Wedding

The lead up to our wedding was pretty hectic.We had done most of the organising in the 10 or so months prior so it was just the little things that needed doing once we had the RSVP`s back,such as table settings and printing out place cards.

We left for WA on the 19th March and it was such a looooonnngggg,boring.uncomfortable flight,even with being upgraded to premium economy with the extra legroom it was still bad.
We arrived to such wonderful weather to it was nice and warm with hardly any humidity.Mum and Dad picked us up from the airport and we made our way down to Mandurah where we would be staying for the next 2 and 1/2 weeks.

We arrived at mum and dads to be greeted by the new kitten Boris...the psyco cat :) He only has 2 modes...sleep and attack and boy did he have sharp little claws and teeth,and we figured he was teething to as he wouldnt stop chewing on our fingers with the back of his mouth and by the time we left there were little teeth there.
Tahya the staffy was a big boofa as always...wants to be near you all the time..if you sit down she leans on you or jumps up on the couch to be sitting right on you,and at 20+kgs shes no lightweight.
here they are having a play

Thursday we had to go out and see Nicole who runs Redcliffe on the Murray where we were having our reception as we had to sort through a few things and decide where we wanted tables etc.She was very vague on the phone at times and we were under a bit of stress thinking that things wernt going to go to plan,but in person she is wonderful a definate peoples person.We decided that if the day was fine everything would be outside.Our only concern with that was the Mozzies.Mandurah in particular has had a massive invasion of them recently due to unusual high tides which puts water over the Larve and makes them hatch.They even had a notice in the paper to let the community know why it was happening and that they were spraying the waterways with helicopters and the streets to try and keep them under control.It was bad,you couldnt even go outside any time of the day without being attacked and generally they only come at dusk but this wasnt the case the whole time we were there.

Friday was Good Friday and the start to the long weekend.So friday the traffic was chaos with most people heading south.We went up to Kingspark in the early evening as friends that had come over had hired a camper van and were going to do a bit of travelling while they were there.We met up with them after they had been up to Geraldton and Kalbarri and they were making thier way down south the following day.After we left them we went to the airport where we met up with Robs best man Karl and his Finace Myvan,Peter and Petina and Robs brother Mark.We drove back to Mandurah and took Karl and Myvan to thier Chalet where they would be staying until after the wedding and proceeded back to mum and dads where Mark would be staying until after the wedding.

Saturday Rob myself Karl and Myvan went out to the Barn for some breakfast and to show them where we were having our reception and what our plans were for seating.
Saturday afternoon the Make-up artist came over for our trial for the wedding.It worked out great as My Hens night was a few hours after.
Now it was decided that my hens was going to be Bad Taste so as we had nothing we did a mad dash to the op shop to find something ans i was surprised to see it so packed with young people obviously doing the same thing :)
The night was fantastic.We played games and had a good time.
There was a stripper and he was pretty hot and i got to see EVERYTHING!! so i was quite happy with that as i always said i wanted none of this being covered up with a towel if i had a stripper :)
Here are a few pics
Sydney Friends
Sydney Friends
School Friends
The Mums (my mum has glasses)
The mums
Playing Games
Playing Games
No Officer it wasnt me

Rob had his second bucks night at my Maid of Honours house and by the sounds of it he drank ALOT and was very tired by sunday afternoon :).
Mum and i caught the train up to Perth so we could find her some jewellery to wear on the day we ended up finding some beautiful fresh water pearls.

The rest of the week was catching up with people and doing the last minute things for the wedding.On the Thursday we had the wedding Rehersal then went out for dinner with everyone to Hogsbreath.

Friday a group of us went down south.First stop was Augusta to the light house at Cape Leeuwin.
After we went back into Augusta for some lunch then drove back into Margaret River to a few Winerys and the Chocolate Factory.On the way back to Mandurah we stopped off at the jetty for a looksee then after a very long day drove back home.

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