Annual Dawn Cruise

Sunday the 17th January 2010 was our Annual Dawn Cruise with our car club.
Now we used to belong to another car club but due to club politics we have formed another group of enthusiasts and this was the groups 1st run as a club.

We met at Loftus oval carpark at 4:30am and as the sky started to get light we made our way through the National Park to Bald Hill to watch the Sunrise.


As it was dark we wernt really to sure how many cars we had.But watching the taillights infront and headlights behind it looked to be approx 20 or so cars.

Once we arrived at Bald hill we were also joined by the Muscle car club so in total there were about 41cars which was awesome ranging from Monaros..Fords...American Muscle..Holdens and Cryslers.

At about 6:30am we made our way down to Bulli for Breakfast at SeaSalt Cafe.
We had problems with our breakfast,they lost our ticket so eventually we had our breakfast and stayed around to chat to friends for a while before people started to leave to do to other things.

By this stage i was starting to feel unwell and could feel a sore throat coming on.

We made our way up to the Headlands Hotel for our usual Drink and feed of prawns but this time we didnt eat as we had breakfast so late.
After an hour or so we were ready to leave and i was starting to feel worse.

Overall it was a fantastic day and i suggest anyone that loves a sunrise to join us next year as its becoming bigger and better every year!!

Now i am still recovering from a nasty throat infection that up until today was actually getting worse due to the fact that i was having a reaction to the antio now i am on different ones plus other drugs for the inflammation and swelling
So lets hope that i start to feel better soon.

Weight wise i am doing ok...i didnt lose anything this week but i put that down to being unwell and also its TTOM so a bit of fluid retention happening to :)


What a beautiful sunset - glad you had a good time! Hope your throat is improving.

January 24, 2010 at 12:53 AM  

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