Spring Into Action

Well im doing another challenge!!!!!

This time its only 6 weeks which is great as the last few challenges i have given up about the 6 week mark.

So whats different this time?

Well we are in the process of moving into my husbands nans house as she has decided to go into a nursing home.So at the moment we are renovating and painting etc so we can move in.
Now she lives on the side of a hill and to get up to the house there are about 47 steps plus quite a long path thats on an incline,and once you are at the top of the stairs there is another path which leads up to the backdoor which is also on an incline.
So we are pretty much having forced exercise...we are going to have great bums and thighs :)

I dont have time tonight for a long post as we are still trying to get things organised in our house aswell and tonight we start on the back room which is going to be a challenge.

So i will give you all a big update on the goings on in my life over the past few months in the next few days


Look forward to hearing about it Mon. Forced exercise is a good thing really - I think all the incidental stuff really helps!

Hope the packing is going well - what a big job, specially with the renovating also. I bet you will be glad to be in your new home and settled.

Take care!

Chantel x

September 2, 2009 at 9:48 PM  

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